Tuesday, June 30, 2009

XP Just Will Not Die.

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Say what you will about Microsoft Windows - there is one version that just refuses to go away: Windows XP.  Last year MS tried to kill support for it and made it unavailable for new PCs.

Then netbooks came out.  $250-300 lightweight laptops that ran Linux.  Vista would not fit.  So what does Microsoft do?  Allow manufacturers to install XP.

Corporate customers never have been enthralled with Vista. It's not an issue of how good it is, it just costs a lot to support a new operating system as you have to test every last application before your roll out 500 new Pcs. So, MS has let companies downgrade

With Windows 7 on the horizon, MS still cant kill XP, in fact, under pressure from corporate customers, MS will allow downgrades into 2011

So what's the moral of the story?  Microsoft is still in search of a compelling reason for customers to kick XP to the curb. What's it going to take? In short revolutionary new capabilities you can't do with XP. Evolution just isn't good enough.

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