Friday, July 24, 2009

Is Windows 7 Relevent?

With Windows release date set for October 22, there's a lot of buzz in Microsoft reseller community. I have to ask this question: is Windows 7 even relevent?
  • Many organizations have stated they have no intention of upgrading.
  • It's late to the party. In many ways the competition is defining what desktop computing is, from open source web browsers, to Apple and Linux GUI innovations (yes I said, Linux GUI innovations) to the emerging and widely popular open source and platform independent scripting languages that are rapidly becoming popular with developers and forcing Microsoft to support them.
  • Are consumers going to be leary of Windows after the debacle that was Vista?
  • What about the new low end - netbooks that turn the performance clock back to 2002 and may not have the muscle even for Win 7?
Then there's the question of winning the battle, but losing the war as computing becomes lighter and more mobile as Microsoft is in full retreat in the mobile marketplace:
  • Unix has had a big comeback between Apple products, Android powered cell phones and Linux powered servers.
I still have doubts that Windows 7 is the magic bullet for Microsoft, which seems to be a $600 Mac away from hitting a rapid decline. What do you think?

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